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Latest Updates 03/20/2020


As many of you know, our website suffered a meltdown a couple of years ago and due to my health and having to work full-time, it's just been limping along since then with only a few pages up and working. I'm happy to say I'm now working on updating everything again. Our site is old and maybe it ain't as pretty and modern as it could be, but it gets the job done and I'm slowly restoring the links. If you see a "new" icon below, it means I've updated those sites. If you find broken links in any of those, let me know.

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Alias Smith & Jones Fan Fiction Archive – Gen stories written by a number of different writers, all archived in one handy-dandy place for fans of this wonderful Western series. There is also an Alias Smith & Jones Adult Fan Fiction Archive!


Artwork by Leah Rosenthal — The main jumping off point for Leah’s various wild and wacky cartoons or lovely serious drawings. You'll also find links to some of our other artwork/cartoon sites for Highlander, Supernatural, Stargate SG-1, Blakes 7 and other shows as well as all the news and updates about Leah’s artwork. New cartoons coming soon. I'm still getting all of the sites up and running but most of them are now active again. I've just discovered while working on the Highlander sites that there are a number of Leah's Highlander cartoons never posted there. So as soon as I can track down the scanned copies, I'll be adding cartoons never posted before, as well.


Bizarro — At this site, you'll find artwork and text relating to Bizarro 7, the humorous Blakes 7 universe created by Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham.


Bizarro Cattery — If you want to see some of the most beautiful cats in the world, including a gorgeous, exotic breed called the Somali, have a look at our cattery site! Lots of photos of our American Shorthairs (blue tabbies, silver tabbies and brown tabbies), our Somalis (reds, blues and ruddies) and our beloved Household Pets.


Book Reviews/Recommendations — Book reviews related to fan series such as Highlander, Blakes 7, Babylon 5, fannish activities, and other subjects that fans might found of interest such as ancient history, mythology, Celtic lore, and so on.


Calendars from Ashton PressCustomizations always available. I'm working on these sites currently so the main link is now live again and some of the subordinate links.


Clan MacMeow – A site dedicated to photos of Highlander fan's furry cat friends from the defunct Holy Ground Highlander Forum.


Fan Fiction — Stories written primarily by Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham. We are also hosting a few stories by other folks, some new, some old, as well as stories co-written by Ann Wortham and/or Leah Rosenthal with other people. Most of the stories at this site are long out of print and not available elsewhere. Fandoms you’ll currently find on the site: Stargate SG-1, Highlander, Alias Smith & Jones, Blakes 7 and Beauty & the Beast. You'll also find a story index here of where to find some of the various stories written by Leah Rosenthal and/or Ann Wortham over the years.


 Fanzines from Ashton Press We have zines available in many different fandoms, including Highlander, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, Miami Vice, Blakes 7, Man from UNCLE, Stargate SG-1, Rat Patrol, Star Wars, Alias Smith & Jones, the Western genre, and multi-media. We carry both adult and "gen" titles. At this link you'll find details about all of our zines, including excerpts of text, samples of artwork, and descriptions of zine contents. We’re accepting submissions for stand-alone novellas or novels!




Hellhound — This is a special site devoted to the Hellhound Blakes 7 universe that has been published in numerous issues of Ashton Press zines over the years. You'll find a story index, timeline, artwork, text excerpts, articles relating to Hellhound, reviews and the like here.


Highlander Holy Ground Forum Mid-Week ChallengesThis is a special archive of the story challenges written on and for the long defunct, beloved and still missed, Holy Ground Highlander Forum. Site is fully restored now, including the Christmas stories.


Photos — Latest conventions added (complete with artwork, photos and con reports): TulsaTrek and Vulkon SciFi (see banners at top). Coming soon: Burbank and Gatecon 2004, as well as others! You'll find lots of links to our various photo sites here.


Submission Guidelines — If you are interested in submitting stories or artwork to some of the upcoming fanzines, click here to view our submission guidelines. We're looking forward to hearing from you!



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